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Park Slope

Park Slope

The transformation of this neighborhood from hard-working New Yorker's raising big families adjacent to Prospect Park into one of the most sought after residential corners of the city is complete. Park Slope rivals the West Village and Upper West Side in charm and lifestyle. It has become a near perfect neighborhood for families or anyone looking for a non-rushed yet convenient living experience.

The neighborhood also has a sense of humor. A rush on kale at the Park Slope Coop, a national respected organic food cooperative, caused a citywide stir. Soccer moms get involved in the things that matter?schools, safe streets, preserving important retail, and other aspects of community affairs.

Prospect Park West might be as pretty a street as New York has, resembling the better sections of Riverside Drive. The brownstones and pre-war apartment houses at the north side of the neighborhood have a regal feel. The wooden clapboard homes towards the South Slope are more affordable.

Fifth Avenue has become a hot restaurant row with Blue Ribbon and other name eateries. There are still a few old delis and butcher shops as well as stores selling religious artifacts and baseball cards. Some parts of the neighborhood will live forever, and that's a good thing.


Dine: Blue Ribbon Brooklyn. The restaurant that changed the SoHo dining scene in the 1990s has been on Fifth Avenue in Park Slope since 2001. The fried chicken and duck confit still make mouth waters.

Shop: Bird. Park Slope has more fashion sense than one would think. This clothing boutique carrying local and international brands is a reason why.

See: Prospect Park. Entering the park from Prospect Park West, passing the brownstones and classic Brooklyn stoops, is what this neighborhood has always been about

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